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44JM70-5-A2 GrassFlap Direct Bolt with SE pedal Includes John Deere No-Drill Mount for 7-Iron Deck

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GrassFlap Direct Bolt with SE pedal and no-drill mount for John Deere mowers with 7-iron deck

The GrassFlap is the ideal OCDC, operator controlled discharge chute. The foot-operation allows the user to close the discharge chute at any time, any place without taking their hands off the mower’s controls. The chute blocker plate opens a full 180 degrees and completely clears the edge of the mower to allow the mower to fit in those tight spaces. 



  • Hands-Free operation
  • Direct bolt-on
  • Opens 180 degrees to completely clears edge of deck
  • No handles or levers to get hung on limbs and shrubs
  • Most Drop-on baggers will fit with GrassFlap installed

What's Included

The kit includes everything needed to install and operate the GrassFlap.

This includes:

  • All steel flap assembly to mount to discharge opening
  • SE pedal (10-99-35)
  • 70" cable (10-99-07)
  • John Deere no-drill mount (11-82-02)
  • Mounting hardware for installation


Direct bolt to existing holes on deck and foot platform - no drilling required.

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