Whats New

The GrassFlap foot operated OCDC now fits Stand-on mowers. The all
mechanical design features a heavy duty pull cable and 10 gage steel flap for
long life. The pedal mounts to the foot deck and can be located so you can
use your heal to operate it while driving.
GrassFlap Foot Operated Discharge Chute Blockers
fits Zero Turn Riders, Walk Behinds and now

The all mechanical OCDC made with the professional
in mind.

Foot operation allows you use in more places with less
"Once you try one you'll wonder how you cut
grass without it"
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  • Keep flower beds

  • Reduce clean-up time

  • Quote more work

  • Reduce customer

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Reduce risk of
    property damage

  • Keep grass off
    fences and trees